"This is our second experience with Dan and I can't praise him enough. My daughter injured her back in Speed and Agility Weight training for Volleyball. She could barely bend forward and it hurt to sit for long periods of time. After only 2 appointments with Dan my daughter could play volleyball again with no pain!!!! Thank you Dr. Dan!!!!!!!!"

Angie C

"I had a great visit! I didn't feel rushed at all. He was really patient and worked hard to understand my specific problem. Then he took the time to really explain the exercises he recommended and made sure I understood how to do them correctly. He made sure all of my questions were answered. I would definitely encourage anyone who needs or thinks they need physical therapy to visit Wright physiotherapy!"

Emmy S

"I took my daughter here because she has scoliosis and it has been causing her some pain, this was probably the best decision I have made since she got her diagnosis. It was awesome how well he not only listened but made sure both my daughter and I understood everything that he was doing. He checked in with my daughter several times to make sure that the treatment was going in the right direction for where her pain was. Dan was so knowledgeable about anatomy and how it works that I will recommend him to as many people as I can. If you are considering this place go ahead and make an appointment, you won't be disappointed."

Jennifer S


"I am a yoga teacher who has had severe lower back/hip pain for about 4 years. Went to a chiropractor, then Orthopedist, then physical therapy. Chiropractor helped some, but the other two made things worse and I spent over $1,000 and two to three times a week in sessions. I've been to Dr Wright just 4 one hour sessions and the pain is gone. The combination of gentle manipulation and strengthening physical therapy worked for my body. I like that he takes a full hour, explains what he is doing and tells my what muscles are affected and why. After only 4 sessions we are going to every two weeks and I feel confident that the pain won't return because I've strengthen with daily exercises he gave me."

Kelley G

"Call Dr. Wright, he will spend an entire HOUR with you!  Dr. Wright fixed what the family doctor AND chiropractor couldn't.  My 16 year old son was having pain in his pectoral muscle and back after lifting weights.  After several weeks of pain we finally took him to the chiro to see what was going on.  No help at all.  Then off to the family doctor... "take Advil and rest" they said.  Like we hadn't tried that yet.  In total he was only attended to for a few minutes by each.  Then we found Dr. Wright... he spent an entire hour with him!  Talking to him, asking him questions, trying to pinpoint the cause of the problems.  All the while working on every little thing he found.  Everything was extremely gentle.  No violent twisting or cracking.  After the first visit there actually wasn't much change which surprised Dan.  He even texted later to see how my son was doing.  We went back a second time and after that there was improvement.  After almost 3 months of worsening pain, finally, improvement.  We went back a third time and now he is pain free!  Dr. Dan spent 3 full hours with him and now he's pain free.  Way more attention than you'll get from anyone else.  Give him a call!"
Pat C
"A friend recommended that I try Dan for my lower back.. I had electrical feeling spasms in my lower back and could barely move or get out of bed for three weeks.  My doctor suggested that I go to Physical Therapy and that just made it worse. I had severe muscle spasms that evening. I debated for two more weeks as to what to try next and chose to try going to Dan.  After 2 visits I was doing much better.  I was able to function again! He is very good at what he does. It is nice to have someone take the one on one time with you and focus on your needs. Who doesn't want that? I would HIGHLY recommend him to others with back pain. Thank you Vicky for recommending him!!"
Jennifer W
"No one can help me like Dan. I drive from Newark to see him because I know he is the best therapist for my lower back problems. He is very friendly, empathetic and beyond knowledgeable. It's not just physical therapy with him, it's his extensive training and knowledge on how your body moves and works. I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else. This is my second back injury and I came straight to him after my great experience last time. I definitely recommend  him and would see him again."
Latisha H
"I have had lower back pain for the past 4-5 years and have been to several different doctors treat me with pain meds and steroids, MRI's done, even going to chiropractic to get temporary relief. The morning after my discovery appointment I was able to get out of bed with no back pain. Just had my first full appointment and extremely happy with the results. Truly amazing work."
Kassondra W
"What endeared me to Dan as a patient was his desire and willingness to go the extra mile to help me heal. I've been to many PT's but Dan is the only one who wasn't merely "going through the motions" of protocol. He was more like a scientist trying to discover what the root problem was and create a better way to help me heal faster. You can tell he really cares and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to help. "
Chad H
"Dan is a modern day miracle worker.  In less than 24 hours, my low back pain was 90% relieved.  His knowledge of the way the body moves and works as a unit is remarkable.  Who wouldn't want to feel so much better in so little time? I recommend Dan to everyone I know that is dealing with pain.  There is absolutely nothing to lose with his offer of a free first visit. People are entirely too locked into the routine of physicians and chiropractors.  What Dan does is unlike anything you can find in doctor's office or a chiropractic clinic. He is the perfect blend of knowledge, bedside manner and passion for what he does. Everything in life is better when your body feels and moves as it should.  Dan can get you back there fast!!"
Jill D

"Whether you are an athlete or just like to stay in shape and have general pain make sure to go check out Wright Physiotherapy. Dan is awesome. I've been struggling with an elevated internally rotated left shoulder for a long time and after only two sessions he has me feeling much better. For anyone that knows anything about manual therapy it is much more hands-on and more beneficial for breaking down muscle fascia and allowing you to regain range of motion and use of muscles that sometimes shut down. Manual therapy is the way to go! Thanks Dan!"

Garrett C


"Dan is my PT and has been for many years during my issues with my leg before and after Knee Replacement surgery. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and the amazing work he does! While other PT follow protocol with equipment, Dan is very hands on. Give Dan a call, you won't regret it!"

Jean M


"My daughter is in gymnastics and she hurt her back while tumbling.  She had pain for about a month and was walking really funny and did not want to put weight on her left leg.  I took her to see her doctor and they did not say much except give it more time.  A friend said to take her to see Dan because he is good at treating low backs. After 3 visits she was walking normal and her pain was gone. I've never seen the kind of treatment be did.  She still does the exercises she was given and her pain has never come back. She is back to tumbling without problems. I tell people about Dan all of the time."

Jen T


"Dan is the best. My condition [right shoulder blade and neck pain] has been dismissed by doctors- there's nothing wrong. I feel it and he knows there's something there. Through him working with me, he has alleviated my pain and I can't be more thankful. He is the best and I highly recommend him!"

Robin E


“I had shoulder issues for 6+months. I went to an orthopedic surgeon to see about it and was told I had no issues...sort of learn to live with the pain. I met Dan at [Granville] Golfland’s demo day and he told me he could fix my issue in a few weeks. Certainly I was skeptical, but after one session and a list of exercises, I felt noticeably better. The second session did indeed solve the problem. I was pleasantly surprised at the results and wish I had met Dan earlier! At no time was I pressured for more sessions and during each treatment I was told exactly what was being done and why. Highly recommended!”

Jeff J


"I get right hip pain that comes and goes ever since I had my daughter 2 years ago.  Last year the pain started and would not go away.  I went to my family doctor and was told to rest it, which didn't help since that is what I was already doing.  I saw a chiropractor for about a month without much help.  The pain kept getting worse when I happened to see Dan at a local golf demo day.  I talked to him and decided to set up an appointment figuring I've tried everything else and nothing seemed to help.  He literally looked at my back and hip and knew what was going on.  He treated me for about an hour and within a couple of days the pain was almost all gone!  I did go back to see him a second time for treatment and to make sure I was doing my exercises correctly.  I have not had pain since.  It was pretty amazing!  I highly recommend seeing Dan!"

Sarah G


"I have had back pain on and off for most of my adult life. I tried the chiropractor a few times and it just didn't help. I have seen Dan multiple times over the last few years when I did something to hurt my back. His treatments have been the only thing that helps! His knowledge and his patient care are one of a kind!"

Melissa C

"Truly has helped me with my persistent back pain when many other methods have failed. Dan Wright would be excellent for anyone needing relief from back issues. He takes the time to understand and properly treat the issue. Has made a huge difference in quality of day to day movement for me. I highly recommend him."

Todd C