Importance of manual therapy


Medical science has grown by leaps and bounds with the discovery of new drug treatments, surgical procedures, and even improved diagnostic testing. This is all wonderful and has been able to help improve the lives of many patients, but what about patients who do not need surgery and medication is not helpful? It is often forgotten that what some patients really need is a healing touch. OMT (osteopathic manipulation technique) is a hands on manual medicine approach using hands to diagnose, treat and prevent injury. Physical therapists providing OMT will use specialized treatment techniques to stretch muscles, move joint, and relieve pain with gentle pressures. Sometimes OMT can prevent the need for surgery and the use of pain medications. People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from OMT manual medicine to reduce pain, increase rom, and improve mobility. It works extremely well for patients that have muscle and joint pain also known as musculoskeletal injuries.

Here is an example of how OMT manual therapy can be very helpful. I recently had a gentleman with a shoulder problem. He had a hard time being able to lift his arm up over his head, and it was painful when trying to do so. He was told surgery was his only option. During his first visit I told him not only would I be able to help him but I could do it in 2 visits. I evaluated his shoulder using my hands to touch and feel what was wrong and was able to immediately start treating. His shoulder lacked the normal mobility it should have, which created pinching on his rotator cuff causing pain. I used OMT manual therapy to stretch and normalize his shoulder movement over 2 visits which allowed for complete resolution of symptoms. He now has normal use of his shoulder without pain. Remember, he was told surgery was his only option, and I fixed him in 2 visits that last 1 hour each. That is the power of OMT. Another example is a lady came to me due to having extreme pain in her low back and right hip for 4 years. She works at Walmart and has a physical job. She was sent for therapy and she, luckily, decided to come to Wright Physiotherapy because other therapy had not helped in the past. After examining her I began to treat her low back and hip using, again, OMT manual therapy. She had abnormal rotations in her lumbar spine and sacrum that needed to be corrected out. She came back the next week with almost 100% relief. She said she noticed significant pain reduction the night of the first visit. She came to therapy 3 visits and was ready to be on her own. Wow, complete relief after only 3 visits of physical therapy. It can be amazing! Those are just a couple examples of how manual therapy using OMT can be very helpful and life changing. If therapy has not been helpful in the past then it is time to try Wright Physiotherapy for better results!