Scoliosis can be debilitating due to causing significant back pain, neck pain, and headaches.  Find out what scoliosis is and how Wright Physiotherapy can get RID of your symptoms so you can be active again, sleep better, sit with reduced pain...all done NATURALLY!


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When you look at a spine from the front to back, it should be nice and straight.  Someone with scoliosis will have a curve or curves that go from side to side described as an “S” or “C” shaped when looking straight on.  This is not a normal spine.  A normal shaped spine is really good at taking forces and the weight of gravity when we are active working and playing.  What the abnormal shape of a scoliotic spine does is not allow the spine to work in its normal manner to distribute the forces of day to day activity.  Over time, this produces increased stress on the spine, which can lead to pain.  Also, due to the abnormal position of the spine, muscles and ligaments become overly tight or elongated leading to soreness and pain. 

The causes of scoliosis are not generally known but are put into 2 categories:  structural and nonstructural.  Nonstructural scoliosis occurs when the spine looks curved but works normally overall.  It often is the result of a leg length discrepancy, muscle spasm or some kind of inflammation.  Nonstructural scoliosis typically goes away when the underlying cause is treated.  Structural scoliosis is a permanent deformity of the spine and does not go away.  It is often congenital and happens during a baby’s development and becomes much more noticeable during the teen years.  It can also occur as an adult when the spine ages and degenerates, creating abnormal curvature. 

At Wright Physiotherapy, I have a very good understanding of how the spine and body works mechanically, which means I know how the spine is supposed to move.  When scoliosis is present the movement of the spine follows certain “rules” that I can tap into for treatment purposes.  I cannot fix a scoliotic structural deformity, but knowing how the spine is supposed to move allows me to perform specific osteopathic treatment techniques to reduce the tension in the spinal system for pain relief.  Then I can set up an individual strengthening and stretching program to reduce pain and discomfort.  The exercise program is something that should be done for life to control the symptoms.   What I do is NOT typical physical therapy.  It is much more effective due to the specialized hands on techniques I use.



What will my specialized treatments for scoliosis at Wright Physiotherapy do for you?

√  Get rid of back pain

√  Improve sleep at night

√  Improve neck pain and headaches

√  Improve your posture

√  Give you a good understanding of what scoliosis is and how it can be controlled

√  Establish a home exercise program of specific stretching and core strengthening to control symptoms


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"I took my daughter here because she has scoliosis and it has been causing her some pain, this was probably the best decision I have made since she got her diagnosis. It was awesome how well he not only listened but made sure both my daughter and I understood everything that he was doing. He checked in with my daughter several times to make sure that the treatment was going in the right direction for where her pain was. Dan was so knowledgeable about anatomy and how it works that I will recommend him to as many people as I can. If you are considering this place go ahead and make an appointment, you won't be disappointed."
Jennifer S